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Lack of Land Capital? Try the Promising Food Truck Business

Life For Techno - Lack of Land Capital? Try the Promising Food Truck Business, the food business is always growing. Because food is a basic human need, so the food business will never run out of customers.

Culinary business owners are trying to continue to innovate. One of the innovations made is to make a food truck business.

The food truck has the concept of using a four-wheeled vehicle that has been modified with an attractive design. The vehicles that are usually used are large cars. It has a mini kitchen for preparing meals.

In many countries, the concept of a food truck is easy to find. Food trucks carry the concept of practicality, because they are easy to move from place to place. The following is a further explanation of the food truck.

Lack of Land Capital? Try the Promising Food Truck Business

Lack of Land Capital? Try the Promising Food Truck Business

The opportunity to run a food truck business is very wide because there are still few who use this concept. In addition to requiring a small capital, the business offers a large turnover.

You don't need a lot of land or building capital, let alone to rent land. The capital you need is a box car, folding tables and chairs, decorations, kitchen utensils, eating and drinking utensils, and generators.

If you are good at hunting for equipment, you need no more than IDR 100 million in capital. The equipment used does not need to be new. Used doesn't matter as long as it still works well.

The land you rent certainly doesn't need to be too large. Part of the courtyard of a building is sufficient. It is certainly cheaper than renting the entire building.

Another advantage is that the food truck can be easily moved. If the place where you open a business is less prospective, you can divert the food truck to another place that is more profitable.

Because if you insist on staying in that place, you might lose. By using a food truck, you don't have to worry about moving your business location to a more profitable place. Of course, the cost of moving is not as expensive as other conventional eating places.

You can offer the culinary business through social media. You can tell the customer where the food truck is. You can also promote any food and drink for sale. Thus, you can reach a wider market.

Another plus is that you can attend events such as culinary festivals. You don't have to worry about how to open a stand from scratch. You simply bring the food truck to the event. In other words, pick up the consumer ball.

If you often attend events such as culinary festivals and the like, you can work with an event organizer (EO). You can become their official partner whenever there is an event.

Seeing the public's interest in the food truck business, you might be interested in trying it. Here are the recommended steps if you want to open a food truck.

1. Define Concept

You have to start with the concept you want to live with. Food trucks are synonymous with fast food that is easy to make. This is important, considering it will be related to the equipment to be purchased.

Suppose you are going to sell hot dogs, you will need a small grill area. If you're going to sell french fries, you'll need a frying pan. Or you choose to sell ice cream, you need more space for the cooler.

If you're confused, look online for inspiration. You can cheat and adapt to the needs of the food truck. There are many food truck designs with various concepts, from industrial to vintage. Adjust to your type of food.

2. Define the Menu

Whatever the concept of selling it, the food and drinks that are sold are the main thing. For the food truck concept, ready-to-eat food is more suitable because it is easy to process and limited space.

You can also add a unique feel to your food. For example, in terms of packaging. The goal is that the food is worthy of being uploaded to social media for promotion. But still don't forget the taste as the main aspect that is sold.

Always make sure the food serving process is concise, given the limited space in the food truck. To make it easier, choose foods that are popular, easy, and much-loved.

3. Make a Budget

Next you have to set a budget regarding what you spend and where you get your income from. If your personal funds are not enough, you can borrow from the bank.

Consider how much loan you can afford. Also calculate the amount of interest you pay over the term of the loan.

You must carefully make this budget so that nothing is missed. If necessary, use financial software.

4. Looking for a Car or Truck

You are required to have a four-wheeled vehicle, in accordance with the concept of a food truck. You can customize the shape of the car as desired.

Regarding the vehicle, you can buy or take credit. If you can modify your old vehicle into a new one, it will certainly be better because it saves the budget.

5. Looking for Legality and License License

To be safe, your business must of course be legally licensed and have a license. You can not carelessly park your food truck.

In addition, you must have a driver's license, proof of truck ownership, and other documents related to a business license. Each place has a different policy, because in Indonesia itself there is no provision regarding the food truck industry. You can find out on the internet what documents are needed.

You can also ask the local RT if you want to open a business in a residential area. Or ask the office clerk if you are in the office area.

6. Looking for Suppliers

You need to find a supplier where you can buy food or drinks for sale. There's no way you can provide everything yourself.

Look for suppliers with adequate prices and quality. It aims to reduce production costs.

Also make sure to store food ingredients properly, considering the limited space. The goal is that the food is always fresh and does not take up too much space.

7. Promote Through Social Media

Promote your business through various social media. Starting from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and others.

Thus, your business is easily known to others. You can also easily interact with buyers.

If your food truck moves around, you can inform the location where you sell. Maybe you can also promote ongoing special discounts to attract more customers.

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