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Five Practical Steps So Home Businesses Don't Go

Life For Techno - Five Practical Steps So Home Businesses Don't Go, goes it continue to go fast, is it still stable, or does it actually go down sharply? If the condition continues to decline, it means that we need to evaluate and develop new strategies so that the business does not end up going bankrupt.

One way out is to improve performance by expanding the customer community and expanding promotions.

When our products are more widely known, the chances of customers coming are also more, and the business can be saved.

There are promotions that can be done practically, easily, quickly, and for free, namely by utilizing social media.

If previously we have never or are still 50 percent of managing a business towards digital, then now try to use social media as the main means of marketing.

Especially in the midst of a pandemic like this, products that are sold online are enjoyed more, considering that our activities are slightly limited and make us spend more time on social media.

Five Practical Steps So Home Businesses Don't Go

Five Practical Steps So Home Businesses Don't Go

That is why through social media, we can attract many potential customers, increase the coffers of money, and withdraw from the threat of bankruptcy.

There are five practical steps that friends can take so that the home-based business that is being undertaken does not end up going bankrupt through social media, namely:

1. Determining the Platform

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine the social media platform that will be used, for example Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Actually, friends can use one or all three.

But it's better if we know where our target market spends more time online, so that promotions will be more effective and maximized.

2. Create Related Content

Furthermore, friends must create content that is close to or related to everyday problems at this time.

Then, don't forget to make a consistent schedule, from when we have to upload products and engage with the audience every day.

3. Selling Reason

Many people are used to doing comparisons by reading reviews or testimonials of products to be purchased.

Well, friends, can use this as a strategy to increase sales. friends can remind customers who have already purchased to give their assessment by inserting photos, or videos that we can upload again.

4. Give a Gift

Who in this world doesn't like to be given gifts? Buddy customers can also give gifts to customers occasionally in the form of discounts so that customers don't change direction.

So that information about this discount can be spread widely, friends can create a gimmick by requiring customers to share this information in order to get a discount.

5. Use Paid Ads

If possible, friends can take advantage of paid advertising provided by several social media platforms or even e-commerce.

Luckily, the price set is still quite reasonable for us, home-based business warriors, you know!

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