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VGA Damage Most Often Occurs

Life For Techno - VGA Damage Most Often Occurs, VGA Damage Most Often Occurs With Its Characteristics. VGA is one of the most important computer components for displaying graphic displays.

Especially for those of you who like to play games, VGA is the main weapon to start the game. However, VGA which is often used often has problems and even VGA damage. has summarized the most common VGA malfunctions as follows:

VGA Damage Most Often Occurs

VGA Damage Most Often Occurs

1. Damage to the VGA fan

The most common component damage from VGA is the fan. And the most common things from VGA damage are:

Fan stuck, There are many reasons why a VGA fan can get stuck, the most common being a loose power connector or a burnt fan. And the solution is to check if the power connector is loose. If the fan burns out the only way is to replace it.

The VGA fan rotates but is slow, Incidents like this are due to the quality of the fan used or the use of VGA for a long time.

Long-term use results in volatilization of the lubricating oil, larger fan friction coefficient and slow rotation problems will occur.

Just add the appropriate amount of lubricant to it. The slow movement of the VGA fan can also be caused by the VGA fan which is filled with dust so that the VGA space becomes narrow. The solution should also be to clean the dust around the fan.

2. VGA Driver Not Support

The VGA driver must be updated after running for a certain period of time. Generally due to the incompatibility of the VGA driver and the motherboard.

If the VGA driver is not updated regularly, the VGA temperature is too high, causing the system operation to become unstable or crash. There are some cases where the VGA driver can be used before.

But there is a failure when entering windows. The solution is you can replace the onboard VGA if there is one or use another VGA. If this failure is not resolved, This indicates that the registry is corrupt, restore the registry, or reinstall windows.

3. VGA Is Not Installed In The VGA Slot Perfectly

Improper placement of the connector between the VGA and the VGA slot is the reason why the graphics card can't work stably and the most basic reason for the imperfect VGA installation is the following.

The VGA slots of many cheap motherboards are not made of good materials. The slot cannot contact the VGA leg precisely.

There are also some motherboards that remove slot clips for locking. This causes the VGA is often loose in the slot by itself.

In the process of installing VGA, the gap in the back plate of some lower chassis cannot be aligned with the VGA slot on the motherboard.

After tightening the VGA screw forcibly, over time it can cause the PCB circuit board of the graphics card to be damaged. The error mainly manifests as an alarm or black screen after booting.

Out of brass coating on the legs of many VGA After inserting and removing VGA many times. This causes the brass on the VGA leg to oxidize in moist air. This error mainly manifests as an alarm warning or black screen after booting.

If the brass of the VGA leg has oxidation problems, you must first use a rubber to remove the rust on the VGA leg. If the VGA can work normally after being removed, then the error is eliminated.

If the VGA is still not working properly, you will need to clean the gold spokes with a rust remover and then gently apply a layer of solder on the gold spokes to increase the thickness of the gold spokes. Be careful not to short the adjacent golden spokes.

Dust accumulates around the VGA slot which makes contact between the legs and the motherboard problematic.

If this happens it causes as a black screen or alarm warning after booting. First clean the VGA slot with rubber before installing the VGA on the motherboard.

Incorrect connector between the VGA interface and the VGA cable that connects to the display. When the VGA interface is not in good contact, the monitor will lose color, color cast, or tear off the image.

It even triggers failures like “no video signal input”. Carefully check the VGA cable, make sure the VGA pin is installed correctly and precisely.

The things above are VGA damage that most often occurs from Make sure your computer is free from dust, update drivers regularly and be careful in the technical installation of VGA. So that your VGA can work perfectly.

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