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The Most Appropriate Method of Updating VGA Driver

Life For Techno - The Most Appropriate Method of Updating VGA Driver, most of the computer hardware drivers can be obtained through a Windows 10 system upgrade. However, the VGA driver can only be updated manually, whether you are a desktop user or a laptop user.

You need to know the Most Appropriate Method of Updating VGA Drivers, otherwise you might end up in big Trouble!

From personal experience some time ago. When the author plays the game. The VGA driver is a Windows 10 system version that I downloaded a long time ago.

Since the author doesn't usually play games, I feel it's pretty safe. But when playing the game “GTA V”, the VGA fan whizzed, and there were problems with graphics and rendering.

The Most Appropriate Method of Updating VGA Driver

The Most Appropriate Method of Updating VGA Driver

Then the author tried to download the new driver from the official NVIDIA site. The VGA used is RTX 2060.

At that time the author did not expect all problems to be solved, but after installing the new VGA driver the smoothness of the game improved intuitively.

You can visit the official NVIDIA or AMD website for the latest version and driver download. This is probably the most convenient and reliable method for casual users to get a VGA driver.

On NVIDIA or AMD official sites, you don't have to worry about passive actions, you can download them safely.

Taking NVIDIA's official website as an example, you can intuitively find the “Download driver” option on the official website.

Click to enter, you can choose to download according to your own series, VGA model and customized operating system version. But here you need to know the clear name of the VGA you are using, such as RTX 2060.

If you are not clear, you can also install the software via “Automatic Driver Update hammering the VGA control panel to update the driver. This is actually more of a hassle, and it will also install additional software or controls, which I don't recommend.

Apart from visiting the official NVIDIA or AMD website to get the latest version of the VGA driver. You can actually download it from the official website of the brand in question.

Compared to NVIDIA or AMD's official website, the driver version of a particular VGA brand's official website may not be the latest, but it's a more suitable version that has actually passed the test.

If you use a branded machine or laptop such as Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Acer or HP and other brands. You can get the latest version of the VGA driver from the official NVIDIA or AMD website.

However, most of these users are not very proficient in computers, and many people can't even tell what type of VGA they have. It is recommended that these users go directly to the official website according to the brand of laptop used.

For example, on the Dell website, we can use the “Supportassist” program to automatically get hardware driver upgrade information. We can get the latest driver upgrade service with one click, which is very convenient.

This upgrade method is very suitable for users who are not familiar with computer hardware and operating procedures, simple and reliable.

However, this type of driver is similar to the VGA brand official site driver, often not the latest driver, but generally a version that has been tested by the team and has no problems.
Therefore, the update frequency may lag ahead, which is not suitable for them. Users who desperately need to use the latest drivers to solve problems or get the best performance.

For security reasons, recommends going to the NVIDIA or AMD official website, and the appropriate graphics card or machine brand official website to download the latest version of the driver.

In comparison, NVIDIA or AMD official websites have the best versatility and the latest driver versions.

While the official website of the graphics card brand has the most complete drivers and applications, and the official website of the entire brand of the machine is more convenient and stable.

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