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Start Learning Stock Investment Online With Small Capital Big Profits

Life For Techno - Start Learning Stock Investment Online With Small Capital Big Profits, how to learn or start a stock investment business online for beginners is actually quite easy and doesn't have to be by providing large capital.

When you hear stock investment, surely some of you think it is a tool to get wealth for those who have deep pockets. In fact, actually everyone can invest in stocks too!

But do you know the definition of stock? Shares according to BFI (Indonesian Stock Exchange) are a sign of capital participation in an individual company or limited liability company. With this, the person who owns the shares has the company's capital as well.
With that, people who have claims on assets, income, and also have the right to attend the GMS (General Meeting of Shareholders).

Start Learning Stock Investment Online With Small Capital Big Profits

Start Learning Stock Investment Online With Small Capital Big Profits

If we invest shares in the company, of course we will get a profit that is determined by a profit sharing system, which is in accordance with the company's performance and market conditions.

He is a shareholder whose rights are more than ordinary shareholders. So if there is an advantage, it will be prioritized.

Learn the stock investment business with minimal capital and big profits. Stock investing is actually a medium to long term investment. That is, we will reap the rewards by waiting a fairly long time.

On the other hand, stocks are an investment tool that is easy to trade (liquid). How to start investing in stocks? To buy shares of a company, you need to see a broker or stock broker.

But even so, there are so many people who don't know how to buy these shares, even though the method is more or less the same as opening a savings book!

Initially you open a stock account first. Usually the initial deposit for a company account is IDR 1 million. Other things the other requirements are very similar like opening an account.

Now you already have an account and don't need to be confused about transactions. You can download the securities company application that you previously selected.

1. Using online stock platforms

For example, if you ultimately choose to invest in shares in BNI Securities, then you can download the Esmart application on your smartphone which is useful for stock transactions.

2. Determine stocks

Now it is assumed that all your preparations for war are complete, now is the time to hunt for stocks. What you need to pay attention to when you finally decide to buy shares of a company, you have to observe the performance of the company whether it is a growing or healthy company.

You also need to look for information on the company's IDX financial statements or look at the company's performance chart online so that you know the approximate profit obtained.

Then also need to see the history of the company in the previous month. We take the example of PT. Unilever Indonesia, had distributed dividends of 2.6 trillion or Rp 342 per share.

By looking at the history of the company in the previous months, at least you get an idea which company is giving you the profit you want.

3. Buying shares

Now that you have made your choice of shares, then you can buy shares through the broker or stockbroker you have chosen, either by telephone or through your online application.

The method of buying shares can be by depositing in cash or deducting the available balance in your account. Usually stock investors target companies that have been successful and large because it will make the risk of failure small and the potential for large profits.

Well, the shares of this large company have a name or designation that is quite popular, namely Blue Chip. The share price of Blue Chip shares is usually quite high.

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In January 2014, the Indonesia Stock Exchange issued a new policy, namely changing the stock lot size. Prior to this policy, at least we had to buy 500 lots of shares and now it's reduced to only 100 lots of shares.

Of course this policy is not without meaning, this policy aims to increase liquidity and increase the number of domestic investors. Because the minimum number of lots purchased has been reduced, the funds prepared to buy shares also decrease.

For example, if company A sells its shares for Rp. 40,000 per share. So if the minimum is 500 lots, then the funds needed are 40,000 x 500 = Rp. 20,000,000, that's big, right?

Due to the new policy that reduces stock lots to a minimum of 100 lots, the required funds are only IDR 4,000,000.

Maybe you are still wondering, is there a much cheaper online stock investment? The answer is there. Last November, PT.

Telkom has priced only IDR 3000 per lot. That way, only by providing capital of Rp. 300,000, - then you have become a stock investor.

What needs to be considered before starting stock investment is to set your goals, besides that following stock investment means that you already have a reserve fund, because stock investment itself is a medium to long term investment.

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