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How to do an online business without capital with big profits

Life For Techno - How to do an online business without capital with big profits, online business is now starting to be very popular. From school children to young mothers, everyone tries their luck. Some people are starting to deepen their online shop business.

Not because only the element of profit promises, but this online business can be handled as a side business from home.

What else is an entrepreneur can be done by anyone. This is evidenced by the presence of many young executives who are now enlivening the national economic changes through online shop businesses.

How to do an online business without capital with big profits

How to do an online business without capital with big profits

Apart from that, the ability of social media also really dominates the world today. Some components of the community still focus their attention there.

So, social media can be an option for running an online business because it is opened by millions of people every day, such as on Instagram, Facebook, BBM, Line, SMS, Whatsapp, Instagram, and others.

1. Pre Order Scheme Skema

The first step of an online shop business without any capital is by opening a pre-order scheme. You can start an online business without any capital because you need to collaborate with product distributors.

For example, you are planning to start an online t-shirt business. No need to bother thinking about the mounting capital. Just provide a laptop or computer as a liaison between you as a seller and a customer. If you don't have a laptop, a cellphone is also enough to run this business.

Next, make a product catalog that has been approved by you and the product distributor. Give a deadline for ordering until a separate date is the deadline for ordering.

With the following steps, your online business customer will deposit a down payment that can be used to pay for the product to the dealer.

Don't forget to control the payment date so that the customer doesn't hit and run or run away after you prepare the ordered product. Even though it looks easy, you still have to be alert for fraud, whether from dealers or customers when choosing an online shop business step without this one capital.

2. Reseller or Dropshipper

Steps for an online shop business without any capital after that by acting as a reseller or dropshipper. The second step is quite easy because you don't need to provide stock of goods.

Becoming a Reseller is as easy as marketing your own product. Therefore, you should promote some of the products that you have agreed to. It can be like an application that is currently trending.

However, make sure you choose a product with good quality. This is done so that there are no complaints from customers. In addition, make sure the supplier or product distributor is a person who can be recognized

3. Deposit Service

For the steps below, you can start an online shop business without spending any capital, namely by providing a deposit service. Jastip or hand carry to get abundant benefits is usually done when you are traveling out of town or abroad.

Whether it's a vacation or an office event, you don't spend money to spend on safekeeping because initially you have promoted it on social media. The system is almost the same as the pre-order scheme, namely by ensuring the order deadline.

Before the order is closed, you will get money in the form of a down payment or payment that you can use to buy the deposited item. However, this online shop business step without any capital has several drawbacks.

Among other things, you have to frequently travel out of town so you can get orders. In addition, because the goods offered are generally various, you have to travel to different places which will definitely be exhausting.

4. Translator

Not only the 3 steps above, there is an online shop business step without any capital that invites appetite. In contrast to the initial three steps, this step provides services for loyal customers. As the name suggests, translator in Indonesian means translator.

Thus the article we created for you so that you can run your business more easily and with quality again.

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