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How to do an easy online business without capital for beginners proved to be very profitable

Life For Techno - How to do an easy online business without capital for beginners proved to be very profitable, the newest online business opportunity that is the easiest and without capital for beginners, can actually start by using free facilities that are currently widely available on the internet.

Even though it's called a free tool, the fact is that many have succeeded in getting up to tens of millions of money from the internet, even for a class of people without a qualified academic background in the field of information technology.

Indeed, for a beginner sometimes still confused about where to start, but if you are sensitive to information and keep trying to dig it, of course nothing is impossible, because basically achieving a success is a choice and you alone can determine.

How to do an easy online business without capital for beginners proved to be very profitable

How to do an easy online business without capital for beginners proved to be very profitable

Not much different from offline business, in the internet world there are also many choices of business models that can be used as a source of income if you are able to master just one field seriously and consistently.

For this reason, the business media website provides a complete online business guide that is easy to understand and can be practiced directly.

Currently, almost all levels of society are familiar with the internet, for that the prospect of internet marketing has been predicted to be one of the most potential and promising business opportunities in 2021.

The following are 7 examples of types of online work that have proven to be very productive and can be done as a main job or just a side business to increase income.

1. Play online games that can earn money

How to get money from the online world is constantly evolving and changing very quickly. In ancient times many parents forbade their children to play games because it would be considered a useless job.

Now the fact has answered that game play has become a trend for all groups, both children and adults, many are addicted not because they are lazy to work, this is where the potential they pursue is to earn money from online games.

2. Become a freelance content writer for online media

Being a writer is the first choice for those of you who are really beginners and want to feel the challenges in the online business world because the work is fairly easy, and of course without the need for large capital if you already have a computer device for typing and an internet network connection.

Some people pursue the profession of being the author of this article as a form of side work at night outside the main working hours, and also as a side job opportunity that is most suitable for students and students.

Meanwhile, the things you should avoid are writing articles that trigger controversy, hoaxes, spreading lies, and you should not steal content or copy paste from other sources without changing or adding weight to the original article.

If you are already well known as a quality writer, don't be surprised if later you will fail to receive orders or even you are contracted as a permanent writer on an online media with a fixed salary.

3 Forex Trading Without Capital Using No-Deposit Bonus

Forex trading is one of the easiest online businesses to run, because this business can be run anywhere, anytime by using an Android phone.

You can start running this forex trading business absolutely for free by taking advantage of the $50 no deposit bonus from the FBS broker.

Forex trading is the business of buying and selling foreign currencies (forex), to make a profit in this business the same as you trade in the real world, namely buying at low prices and selling at high prices. More clearly about what forex trading is, please read on

4. Take advantage of the YouTube site as a business area to make money from the internet

The second option that we recommend for a beginner who wants to feel the savory income from an online business without capital is to take advantage of free facilities from Google, namely the YouTube video sharing site.

Who is currently not familiar with YouTube, from small children to grandparents are already familiar with this site because it has been trusted to be one of the easiest sources of information and entertainment besides television or other conventional media.

The most important thing is how so that your video can attract a lot of viewers and will be shared by them, so that their visits will increase. This is where the key to success lies.

5. Running a dropship business without capital using social media

The third option for a free or no-capital online business that is suitable for beginners is to run a dropship system business, which is almost similar to an online store but you don't need to have stock of the items you want to sell.

Here you must have a place or stall with the name of the store you want online, you can use social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the chat application Line, WA, BBM and so on.

Then find a supplier or supplier of goods that will later be connected to your online store and establish good cooperation with the supplier.

Your next task is to market the products owned by the supplier to potential customers through the online store that you created earlier at the offer price that you have marked-up as a profit margin from the supplier.

If there is an order, then you only forward the order to the supplier then the supplier will take care of the process of sending the goods to the consumer after payment is received.

Very easy isn't it? In this way, consumers will still assume that the item belongs to your online store because the supplier will still include the name of your shop as the sender.

This is an online business opportunity using social media that is currently very potential, apart from without capital and how it works that is so easy even for a beginner.

6. Create a free blog or website to start learning the world of blogging

Creating a website is now very easy even for a beginner because it is enough to learn from a free web platform or blog such as so this can be capital to be used as a business land on the internet.

To deepen knowledge about the world of blogging and internet marketing, how to design a web, optimize and manage a good blog, you can join forums such as which is already quite popular as a trusted reference for Indonesian bloggers.

For this type of paid blog, of course, it will look more professional because it uses its own domain name and adds to the trust of readers.

Some people who pursue the world of blogging there are those who just make it a hobby, or even become a side business with small capital that has the potential to be profitable.

7. Join an affiliate program (Affiliate Marketing)

After having a blog and successfully bringing in visitors, then another internet business opportunity that you deserve to try besides joining an advertising program is to join the affiliate business.

Affiliates themselves in the offline world can be called a broker where they will get a commission from what they have done for others.

In the online world, affiliate programs are indeed more promising if we are able to recommend a product to others so that they are interested in what we offer until a transaction occurs.

The simplest example is to follow an affiliate business on a local online store website such as Lazada or a world-class one such as Amazon.

Both of these online stores will be paid a commission if your website is able to contribute to offering their products until a sale occurs.

The commission value given can reach 5% of sales so that the greater the transactions that occur on your blog, the online income you earn will also increase quickly.

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