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Here's How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners Online

Life For Techno - Here's How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners Online, this is why it is important for beginners to learn how to invest in stocks online. Over time the necessities of life will increase, coupled with the rising prices of basic necessities due to inflation.

Meanwhile, the older a person is, the lower his productivity will be. How do we meet the needs of life in the future?

Is saving just enough? No, the value of your money will decrease even if the nominal does not change. 

For example, what can you get when you go to the market with Rp. 100,000,- in 2000? Compare that to what you could get if you brought the same money to the same place today?

Therefore you need to grow your savings or known as Investment. There are lots of investment instruments that you can choose from, such as investing in stocks, investing in mutual funds, investing in peer-to-peer lending, etc.

Here's How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners Online

Here's How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners Online

Learning how to invest in stocks is quite important to improve the standard of living, especially for beginners who are new to this type of investment.

As a beginner who is learning how to invest in stocks, we should know what stock investing is. Stock investment is one of the investment instruments.

That is quite in demand because it promises a fairly large income far beyond other investment instruments. Until now there are many people who are successful in investing in stocks.

Currently, the government is aggressively promoting the “let's save stocks” program. Some government policy steps to encourage people to want to learn.

To invest in the stock market are to reduce the number of shares in one lot, which was previously 1 lot = 500 shares, now 1 lot = 100 shares so that now you can invest in shares with small capital.

Shares are units of value or bookkeeping in various financial instruments that refer to the ownership share of a company.

That way, if you buy shares of a company, it means that you own the company as much as a percentage of the shares you own compared to the total number of shares issued by the company and are entitled to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).

Issuing shares is one of the company's methods to obtain additional capital. The shares that are first issued are called Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) which are then sold on the Primary & Secondary stock market.

The minimum purchase of shares is 1 lot, you can make this purchase after you have a share account submitted to a securities company.

In Indonesia, the stock exchange center is located on the Jakarta Stock Exchange or widely known as the IDX.

For now, several securities companies have provided online trading facilities so that you can buy shares anywhere online through the application provided by each securities company.

If you want to learn how to invest in stocks, it should be accompanied by creating a stock account so that you can put the knowledge you have learned into practice.

The stock price fluctuates greatly depending on the condition of market confidence (stock liquidity) in the stock.

The assessment of market confidence is usually influenced by the company's internal conditions (company fundamentals) and the company's environmental economic conditions such as security and policies issued by the country in which the company operates.

Currently, the percentage of share ownership in Indonesia is still mostly held by foreigners, so changes in foreign policy can affect the stock market.

Statistics of stock price movements in Indonesia as a whole are described by the Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG).

The most interesting thing in learning how to invest in stocks is knowing the benefits of investing that can be obtained. In general, the benefits of investing in stocks can be obtained in two forms, namely in the form of dividends and capital gains.

1. Dividend

Dividends are profit sharing given by the company to shareholders and are derived from the net profits generated by the company.

The dividends distributed are the result of the agreement of the shareholders in the GMS. If you want to receive dividends.

You must hold the shares for a relatively long time and within the period that is recognized as being entitled to the dividends.

Dividends distributed can be in the form of cash in a certain amount per share, or the company can also provide dividends in the form of additional shares so that the number of shares you own will increase. 

Usually, the distribution of dividends in the form of shares is issued if it is felt that the share price is too high.

So adding the number of shares outstanding can reduce the selling price so that it is more affordable for middle and lower investors and the stock market is more liquid.
You can choose several selected stocks from the IDX High Dividend 20 index released by the IDX since May 2018.

Further analysis can be seen in the article on Highest Dividend Yield Stocks Version IDX High Dividend 20.

2. Capital Gain

As explained earlier that stock prices fluctuate greatly, this can be an opportunity for investors to benefit from the increase in the selling price of shares compared to the purchase price, which is known as Capital Gain (growth in stock prices).

As an illustration when you buy one lot (100 shares) of Retail company shares currently at a price of Rp. 200,- / share (for Rp. 200,- x 100 shares = Rp. 20,000).

Then within the next year you sell the shares when the company's share price becomes Rp. 250, - / share (total Rp. 25,000, - / lot) then you have got a Capital Gain of 25% (Rp. 5,000, -) from the sale.

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