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Common Computer Problems And Tips For Fixing Them

Life For Techno - Common Computer Problems And Tips For Fixing Them, the use of computers has brought many changes and conveniences. However, it is not uncommon for computer errors to appear suddenly while in the process of use.

Computer errors that often occur such as Blue Screen, Black Screen, Boot Missing or just displaying the logon only.

For such computer errors, 90% are caused by software problems, 10% are caused by hardware problems.

Common Computer Problems And Tips For Fixing Them

Common Computer Problems And Tips For Fixing Them

This time will review computer errors that often occur and how to fix them. So you can analyze your computer errors yourself without the help of experts.

Blue Screen

For the blue screen phenomenon, errors like this are mostly caused by software problems. These errors are usually the result of viruses in the computer, software conflicts.

Software incompatibility with the system, update failures, incompatible drivers and a host of other software problems.

The way to fix computer errors that come from software is to use Safe Mode. Turn on the computer, press F8 to enter safe mode, and see if you can enter safe mode or the blue screen still appears on your computer?.
If the blue screen still occurs when entering safe mode, then you must reinstall the system. But if you can get into a safe mood then repair your system.

Of course computer errors occur not only from software, hardware problems can also cause a blue screen or black screen on the computer.

Such as incompatible memory modules, damaged RAM, damaged hard disks, VGA damage and others. (Also Read:

Most Common VGA Damage) For hardware damage, you need to inspect and detect your hardware by disassembling the device. computer.

Boot Failed

As for the non-booting phenomenon, computer errors in this situation are mostly caused by hardware incompatibility or imperfect installation.

For notebook computers, most of them are failures caused by the death of the CMOS battery and poor memory contact.

How to fix it we just need to remove and reinstall the RAM or battery to solve the problem. For assembled computers, bad RAM contacts, CPU false death, and bad graphics card contacts will cause the computer to not turn on.

For CPU false death, use the restart button to try to restart your computer. The installation of RAM with the graphics card is not perfect also causes the computer to not boot. In addition, hardware damage will also cause the computer to not boot.

Such as motherboard damage, CPU damage, graphics card damage, and monitor damage will cause the computer to not boot. It requires disassembling the device to repair.

Only Logo Appears When Booting

The phenomenon of computer error showing only the logo on the computer screen is also a common phenomenon.

Most of these computer errors are caused by problems with BIOS settings, loose hard disk interface connectors, sectors in the hard disk, etc.

How to fix an error like this, first you check if the hard disk is loose and then try restarting your computer.

If the same thing happens, remove the hard disk and put it back in then check the BIOS of the computer to see if the hard disk is damaged.

If the hard disk is damaged, you need to replace it. If it doesn't break, you can continue to use it. Most of the blue screen and black screen computer errors are system problems. In most cases, you can fix the problem by reinstalling the system.

For hardware problems, you should try to analyze them by removing and reinstalling the hardware. Long-term use usually causes a lot of dust on your computer components such as fans, hard disks, RAM and VGA.

Remove clean and reinstall to be able to solve the problem caused by hardware fault. A computer showing only the logo is caused by a hard disk failure, and you can solve the problem by replacing it.

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