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9 Quick Keys on a Computer Keyboard to Master

Life For Techno - 9 Quick Keys on a Computer Keyboard to Master, using keyboard hotkeys is the most important safety factor in using a computer. Especially for people who work in an office or who have to deal with computer screens every day.

Must have a quick way to perform operations. The following is a review of 9 computer keyboard shortcut keys that must be mastered.

9 Quick Keys on a Computer Keyboard to Master

9 Quick Keys on a Computer Keyboard to Master

1. Windows Key + L

When you work in front of a computer screen, sometimes you need to leave your seat for a while to do other things.

When leaving the computer, one definitely needs to pay attention to the safety of the computer so that it is not seen or misused by others.

Before leaving the computer, you may have to press the keyboard hotkey i.e. Windows Key + L at the same time, so that the computer locks the screen immediately, so you don't have to worry about the computer.

2. Windows Key + E

When searching for files on a computer, most people will look for the “My Computer” menu first, then click to open. There is a cooler way, just by gently pressing the Windows key on the keyboard and then pressing the E key.

With this hotkey which will directly open your windows explorer manager. Without having to find and move your mouse.

3. Windows Key + D

While playing a game or watching a movie at the office and suddenly Boss comes. What should you do especially if the mouse is far from the mouse's reach? relax!.

Directly press the hotkey by pressing the Windows key and the D key which will directly go to your computer's desktop background.

4. Windows Key + TAB

A little trick with a quick button but the result is pretty cool. Press the windows key and then press the Tab key to display a switching window with a 3D effect.

This will be very useful for those of you who are used to opening many programs when using your computer. The switching window will make it easier for you to choose which program you want to use.

5. Windows Key And + . Key

Text is sometimes too small and you want to enlarge it. Just a quick key Windows Key + to zoom in and Windows Key – to zoom out will always be at your disposal.

6. Ctrl + Tab

Almost every time you use browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and IE. Sometimes your browser opens multiple pages in the same window.

With Ctrl + Tab, you can switch between multiple pages. With Ctrl + w, you can close the current page you are currently selecting.

7. Windows Key + Fn + ESC

If you press the Windows key, Fn key and the ESC key at the same time, you can quickly open system properties without having to right-click the mouse in My Computer -> properties.

8. Windows Key + G

Do you know how to adjust monitor brightness, volume turn on network n, and still be able to see notebook battery charge in windows 10. how to set it? To get those functions, you just need to press Windows hotkey + G to fulfill all your wishes at once.

9. Windows Key + R

Hotkey Windows Key + R is basically to open the Run window on your windows. But you need to know that Windows is equipped with a video recording function.

Just by pressing the Windows key + R, and typing psr.exe and then pressing Enter, then you can start recording video on the computer dashboard.

For those of you who are used to using a virtual keyboard, you only need to press Windows + R fast keys and then type "OSK" and press enter. Cool virtual keyboards appear ready to work with you.

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