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What Are The Disadvantages Of Doing Business Offline

Life For Techno - What Are The Disadvantages Of Doing Business Offline, in discussing doing business online and offline, it is quite interesting for us to explore. This is due to changes in people's consumption patterns which make the existence of offline and online stores often discussed.

The growing digital world has made people choose to shop at online stores because it is considered more practical. However, there are still people who are loyal consumers of offline shops.

Offline and online stores don't always give you something good and always give you something bad. Both have advantages and disadvantages of business that make consumers sometimes confused when they have to choose where to shop.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Doing Business Offline

What Are The Disadvantages Of Doing Business Offline

This doesn't just happen to consumers. As a business person, you may still not be able to decide whether to open an offline or online business to keep your business growing. If you are still confused in making your choice, maybe the explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of stores below can be used as a consideration for you.

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1. Limited market reach

Doing business offline is only in one place. This results in less market reach for offline stores. Consumers usually come from the area around the shop only. This can reduce sales figures if the shop owner does not have the right market analysis to control the area of ​​his customers. Store owners should also choose a strategic location so that it can be reached by more consumers.

2. Requires a physical place

Because the offline shop base is a real area, it takes a place to accommodate all the products being marketed. In addition to providing space, of course other maintenance is needed so that the buildings used can last for quite a long time. Shop owners must also pay attention to the order of goods being sold visually to attract customers' attention.

3. Requires more employees

The number of activities and tasks that must be done to promote the shop requires more employees. As a shop owner, you have to spend time and money on recruiting.

Even though it is only a small shop, recruitment should be done seriously in order to get reliable human resources who are willing to work together to develop the business.

4. Bigger capital

With the various needs that have been mentioned, of course offline stores require more capital. Starting from providing physical products, place, site maintenance costs, recruiting employees and employees themselves.

Make sure you have sufficient capital to fulfill some of these things before deciding to open an offline store.

5. Limited sales time

Offline stores have their own operating times. Offline stores usually operate 10-12 hours a day. And all buying and selling transactions can only be done within that time period. The rest of the shop is closed and does not serve customers.

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6. Products are limited and it is difficult to find goods

Due to limited space and stock restrictions to reduce losses, usually the products available in offline stores are limited. If consumers do not get the product they want, it will be difficult to find the same item or replace it directly. Consumers have to look to other branches or move to different stores.

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