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Online Business in Education

Life For Techno - Online Business in Education, even though it is a promising business opportunity, running an online business cannot be done without careful preparation. Back again, because you have to spend money to start a business. Well, one type of online business that can provide great benefits is business in education. Why?

The problem is that education is always a necessity for everyone, from children to parents, to increase their knowledge and knowledge. That is why the education business is the right choice to reap a lot of rupiah coffers.

Online Business in Education

Online Business in Education

In addition, the Government also continues to innovate in issuing various programs to support education in Indonesia. One of them is the School Procurement Information System or Social Media.

Through Social Media, the Government hopes that education units can more easily meet teaching and learning needs in carrying out the procurement of goods and services (PBJ) whose funds come from School Operational Assistance (BOS).

As stated in Permendikbud Number 8 of 2020 concerning Guidelines for the Procurement of Goods / Services by the Education Unit, it is stated that all schools that receive BOS funds are required to conduct PBJ through Social Media in marketplaces that have become partners.

That way, opportunities to develop business will be wide open for business people who run online businesses in the field of education. However, they often have to be faced with funding problems that make it difficult for their business to develop.

The reason is, the education unit often orders goods or services in large quantities. If you do not have sufficient funds, then the demand for schools cannot be fulfilled optimally.

But now you don't need to worry anymore because Pintek is here to provide solutions to business people who are experiencing funding difficulties, namely by applying for an invoice financing loan.

To get a loan from Pintek, Social Media sellers only need to guarantee the invoice or bill from the distributor. The loan ceiling that you get can even reach IDR 2 billion with a disbursement time of five working days.

In addition, the interest offered is also very competitive, ranging from 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent based on the credit scoring determined by the Pintek team from the results of data analysis attached by the borrower.

The submission method is also very easy, you only need to visit the Pintek website, fill in the information and upload the required documents. Then the Pintek team will perform data analysis to determine credit scoring and application status. If the application is approved, the funds will be transferred directly to the principal's account that has been registered.

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