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How to Overcome Hp Cannot Be Charged

Life For Techno - How to Overcome Hp Cannot Be Charged, when you have used a cellphone or cellphone for a long time, you will slowly start to find damages that can interfere with the performance of the cellphone. The damage arises from a variety of hardware or software sources.

HP battery problems are one of the most frequent and widely found defects. The damage to the battery also varies. The most common and very detrimental is when the battery cannot be charged while being charged or charged. Or another problem is that the cellphone cannot be charged when it is turned off. Why is it so detrimental? Yes because what else is the use of a cellphone when it doesn't have power?

How to Overcome Hp Cannot Be Charged

How to Overcome Hp Cannot Be Charged

If the problem is affecting your cellphone, here are some ways you can do to fix your cellphone that has a problem with the battery without having to take it to a service point.

1. Turn off the phone

The first step you can take to try to fix the charging failure problem is to turn off your cellphone. Because cellphones, especially cellphones, that continue to turn on without ever being turned off will affect battery performance.

Therefore try to turn off the cellphone for a few moments and then turn it back on and try again to charge it. Most of these things will solve your problem successfully.

2. Check the Cell Phone Battery

If turning off the cellphone doesn't help you then the next step you can do is check the state of the battery. Whether the battery is still in a state of use or is in a condition that is fit for disposal. How to detect battery damage is quite easy, namely by paying attention to the surface shape of the battery. If the battery is no longer flat or has swollen it means that there is damage to the battery.

If so this is the reason why the battery is no longer able to charge while being charged. For this problem, the only way you can fix it is by replacing the battery with a new one.

3. Check the Charger device

Another cause that could cause a battery not charging problem lies with the charging device itself. To find out this you can do uci try using a charging device on another cellphone. If the other phone is also unable to charge, then it is certain that the problem lies with the charging device.

For cellphones, the charging device usually consists of 2 parts, namely the power adapter and the USB cable. You can check one by one on these two devices. but unfortunately again this problem can only be fixed by replacing the damaged device. Whether it's a USB cable or a power adapter or maybe both.

One thing you have to pay attention to is buy and use an original charging device that is suitable for your cellphone. Due to the mismatch of the charging device it can also cause problems later.

4. Check the USB Port

For the phone when this charging problem occurs and you have done a check on the battery and charging device. As mentioned in the previous point and no problems were found, the next thing you can do is check the USB port.

In this case, you can try to do the repair yourself by removing the battery from the cellphone. Then use a small, blunt object such as a toothpick / stick to gently push the USB Port back in to its original position. Because maybe the USB port is shifted when you unload the charger device too often.

Apart from that, sometimes dust or dirt on the USB port can also be the source of the problem. so try to clean the USB port gently with a soft cloth to keep it clean of dust and dirt.

5. Check Resources

Lack of resources can also be one of the causes of failure in charging the battery. Lack of resources or resource intake can occur for two reasons. First because the charger device is not competible or suitable and the second comes from the power source itself.

For the first problem, it can be solved by using a suitable device and for the second source of the problem, try to charge the battery directly to the power source or not by connecting it to a PC or laptop computer.

Because the power provided by a PC or Laptop is smaller and unbalanced when compared to a power source or grid. Also try to connect the charging device directly to the power source without using a plug or other connecting device.

6. Check the Android System or Software

Failure to charge can also be due to the incompatibility of the version of the Operating System or other supporting software with the version of your cellphone. If this problem only appears after you upgrade the system or application

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