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How to Overcome HP Bootloop Easily

Life For Techno - How to Overcome HP Bootloop Easily, bootloop is a problem with the Android software that is shown by signs of a failure to log into the system, typically the device only repeatedly displays the Android or vendor logo.

If your Android device has a bootloop, don't panic, let alone cry. Don't rush to the cellphone counter and pay hundreds of thousands, because you can definitely handle the bootloop by yourself.

But you must first know the cause. Bootloop is a software condition on Android-based cellphones that is experiencing damage. In other words, the OS fails to enter the main system which causes the HP screen to display only one command, namely the Android or vendor logo repeatedly. You don't need to go straight to a cellphone counter if you experience this. Because there are several ways to deal with HP bootloop.

Causes and How to Overcome HP Bootloop

How to Overcome HP Bootloop Easily

Bootloop is an annoying event when you are busy playing your cellphone. During bootloop, your device will continue to spin on the boot screen. Apart from that, you also cannot enter the system.

The way to handle the HP bootloop varies from device to device. Usually the data on the Android device will be deleted when the bootloop problem ends. Bootloop events may not come suddenly.

There must be a cause that started it. Bootloop usually occurs when there is a problem with the Android system. Before knowing how to solve the HP bootloop, first know the cause. The following is the review.

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1. Install Mod

After you install the mod on the Android system, usually a bootloop will occur. This is because the mod that has been installed is not compatible with the ROM you are wearing. The mods that are arranged may not be good either. Thus, it will cause a bootloop on the cellphone.

2. Flashing Custom ROM

Flashing new custom ROM which causes bootloop because there is dalvik-cache that hasn't been erased. So that the new system will use it. After installing a damaged custom ROM package, it can usually cause a bootloop. This cause needs to be examined in order to make it easier to overcome the HP bootloop.

3. Restore System Backup

Bootloop is also affected by system-related file restore. So that the dalvik-cache that hasn't been completely erased will cause problems.

4. Wrong Permission Settings

If you make a mistake setting the permissions of a system file, it can result in a bootloop. Because the correct system permissions are needed by Android. For that, before giving permissions to a file, you should do it carefully.

Effective Tips For Overcoming HP Bootloop

If you already know the various causes, then how to solve the HP bootloop can be done. A clear cause will facilitate the method of handling it appropriately. Bootloop can be divided into 2 broad types. First is Light Bootloop and the second is Hard Bootloop.

1. Light Bootloop

Light Bootloop or so-called lightweight bootloop, the way to overcome it is quite easy. First, turn off your smartphone using the Power button.

Next, open the HP case. Then remove the battery, SIM and memory card. So that the cellphone does not get electric power, let it sit for about 24 hours.

Replace your battery, SIM and memory card, then turn on the HP. If the phone is still experiencing bootloop, another way is Hard Bootloop.

2. Hard Bootloop

How to solve the HP bootloop with the Hard Bootloop method needs to be done if the incident occurs continuously. Do a Wipe Cache Partition by turning off your smartphone first.

Then enter the Recovery Mode menu and select Wipe Cache Partition. Then you can press Yes.

Factory Reset is also one way to deal with HP bootloop. This powerful method will restore the phone to its original factory settings.

You do this by entering Recovery Mode. Then Wipe Data / Factory Reset, then select Yes and Delete All User Data.

The process takes a few moments, wait for it to finish. If so, then select Reboot System Now and Finish.

If the Wipe Cache Partition and Factory Reset haven't worked, then the way to overcome the HP bootloop can be done by installing an OS update or a custom ROM.

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Flashing this Android phone can be done by preparing the original USB and laptop or PC for flashing. Customize the Stock ROM with the brand and type of smartphone you have.

Also prepare flash tools such as Flash Tools, ODIN, MI Flash and others. Then you just have to follow the steps on the flash tool used.

Recovery Mode is a powerful solution to bootloop problems. Entering Recovery Mode can be done by simultaneously pressing Home + Volume Up + Power.

However, each brand of HP has a different method. Press the buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the Recovery Mode menu appears.

How to solve the HP bootloop for each device is different. If the Light Bootloop method is not able to solve the problem, you can try several ways with Hard Bootloop.

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