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How to Overcome a Hang Denagn Laptop Quickly And Easily

Life For Techno - How to Overcome a Hang Denagn Laptop Quickly And Easily, when using a computer or laptop, things to avoid are problems such as being slow, slow, stuck or hanging. The reason is, this problem can cause other problems related to laptop performance.

As I explained earlier, the cause of the laptop to hang can be caused by many things. However, you don't need to worry because you can minimize this possibility by knowing some of the main causes.

Then, how to solve this laptop hang?

How to Overcome a Hang Denagn Laptop Quickly And Easily

Enter Safe Mode

If the operating system used is a Windows operating system, then one way to deal with a laptop that hangs when it starts up is to enter Safe Mode.

With Safe Mode, sometimes it can be the right way to solve laptop hanging problems. Especially if the cause is an incompatible driver or damage to Windows files.

To enter Windows Safe Mode, please restart your laptop and immediately press the F8 key repeatedly, there will be several options and select Safe Mode. For more details, please read how to enter Windows Safe Mode.

After successful, please do the driver repair or uninstall the application that is considered to be the cause. That way, there is a possibility that the laptop hang will be resolved.

Uninstall Driver

The cause of the laptop hangs can be due to drivers that do not match the type of operating system or hardware installed on your laptop, causing problems when it is just turned on.

For that, the way to overcome a laptop hang that you can do is by uninstalling drivers that are not compatible with your laptop. After uninstalling, install the driver using software or you can also download it from the official website of your laptop.

The thing you need to do in order to avoid this problem is that you need to know the laptop bits that match the drivers, also read how to see the laptop bits. And to find a suitable driver you can look in the Device Manager.

Reinstall the OS

If the laptop often hangs accompanied by error messages that indicate that Windows is damaged, then this indicates that you need to repair the Windows file.

If you've done a system backup before, maybe you can restore it. However, if you have never done this, then the step you should do is reinstall the operating system.

The process of reinstalling the operating system is actually very easy. If you are still confused, please read how to install Windows 10 as a guide that can be followed.

Replacing RAM

RAM has a function to store application data that you use temporarily. The more applications that are run, the more RAM usage on the laptop will be.

Well, if your laptop RAM is only 2GB, it will be very heavy when running many applications at once. The risk is, yes the laptop will become slow and hang.

For that, you can upgrade the RAM 2x as much. For example, previously you used 2GB of RAM, then you can upgrade the RAM to 4GB. That will greatly affect the performance of the laptop.

Check the hard disk

Hard drives can not be used forever, there are times when the hard drive asks to be replaced. Indeed, there are not very visible symptoms of a damaged hard drive, so users are not too aware of it.

However, you can check it using an application, namely Hardisk Sentinel. Please download and install the Hardisk Sentinel application first.

After you open it, you will see the health of the hard drive. If it's still 100%, it means that the hard drive's health is still normal. However, if it is below 99%, then you must be vigilant.

The solution when health is below 99% is to replace the hard drive. Please replace the hard drive according to your needs. It's different when using an SSD, health 99% and below can still run smoothly.

Well, that's a little way to deal with a laptop hang that you can practice. Sorry if there are still many shortcomings, because this article is based on personal experience and what I know.

Maybe that's enough articles that I can deliver. Hopefully this article can be useful and add to our insight.

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