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How To Increase Product Value In Online Business

Life For Techno - How To Increase Product Value In Online Business, perceived value is the value / value of a product in the minds of consumers. Honestly, 95% of all existing products, have the same character, if there are differences, it is not significant. Although many products look alike and are the same as each other, sometimes the prices can differ greatly.

So, the question is why are so many people willing to pay more for a product that is basically similar to other, cheaper products? This is about the value of the product or perceived value in the eyes of consumers.

How To Increase Product Value In Online Business

How To Increase Product Value In Online Business

1. Increase Product Prices

Consumers, especially those from America, believe that if the price is high for a product, it means that the quality and value of the product is also good. But, for this, you have to really make sure that the money that consumers have spent can be commensurate with the quality of the products you sell. Because if they get a bad product for a high price, the bottom line is simple: they'll never buy your product again.

2. Offer a Strong and Convincing Warranty / Guarantee

Make your product warranty for 60 days, with a double money back guarantee if the quality of your product is not what it says. Isn't it just amazing and quality products that dare to do this?

3. Give Some Bonuses

Perhaps you have heard about the stereotype of advertising / promotion that appears late at night and late in the evening. Where a salesman promotes his product boasting and sounds annoying to you. They tell you how great the product they are selling, and tell you, if you buy their product, they'll offer lots of bonuses later.

In fact, the way to promote product sales with bonuses is very good, even though it is often annoying. But in general, offering bonuses for your customers will really help increase your sales.

4. Promote Optimally the Functions of the Products You Sell

You see, people don't buy shovels just because they like the color. People buy them for their usefulness, which helps dig holes in the ground.

And, the more you can sell the functions of your product to consumers, the more valuable your product will be to consumers. And, when you advertise your product, talk about how your product is very useful and can easily solve the difficulties that consumers face.

5. Include Product Prices in Different Ways

If you are selling a product for a high price, try creative ways to state the price of your product in a different way.

For example, "Only at a price like this, you can get (describe a series of advantages of your product that can benefit consumers if you buy it)". Sometimes, this method makes the product price look no longer expensive.

6. What you are promoting is the result, not the process, with testimonials if possible

Has your product succeeded in getting people to lose weight, reducing pain, or helping people to benefit? You can tell it all to your customers, but your customers will believe it more if it's someone else - not just you.

So, you need a number of good testimonials from many consumers who have used your product, and ask them what benefits they have got from your product.

Increasing the value / quality of your product is important, not only for you, but also for your customers. Also make sure that everything is going well and honestly, that is, you have to make sure that the quality and value of your product is worth the price you are asking for.

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