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How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard That Suddenly Doesn't Work

Life For Techno - How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard That Suddenly Doesn't Work, one of the troublesome problems for laptop users is if there is a part of the keyboard that suddenly doesn't work. Of course, this can hinder someone's job and be quite annoying.

After all, the keyboard is one of the most important parts of a laptop. However, due to frequent use, the keyboard is also one of the most vulnerable parts.

Reporting from, there are two things that can cause a malfunction of the keyboard on a laptop, the cause can be due to software and hardware. Try to access the BIOS on your laptop to find out the cause of this malfunction.

You do this by turning off and restarting your laptop device. Press the F2 or Delete key repeatedly while the laptop is booting.

How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard That Suddenly Doesn't Work

How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard That Suddenly Doesn't Work

If you are able to log in and use the keyboard, then the software is most likely damaged and vice versa. Here are some ways you can fix a keyboard on a laptop that is not working, unresponsive or damaged.

1. Keyboard Damage in Software The most common problem that often occurs is the entire keyboard does not respond suddenly. This usually occurs because of a problem with your keyboard software / driver.

Try to restart your laptop which might fix this problem. If you can't restart from the start menu, hold down the power button for 5 seconds and the laptop will restart.

If this method has not been able to solve the problem, you can try to reinstall the keyboard driver on your laptop.

Sometimes the drivers managing your keyboard can run into problems, especially if you frequently install third-party software and / or you shut down your laptop frequently without the Shut Down command. Open the Start menu or in the search field type "Device Manager.

 Find and select the section that says "Keyboard." Right-click on it and select "Uninstall Driver." Restart, and Windows will automatically install the default drivers for your keyboard which can make it work normally.

2. Keyboard Damage to Hardware Another cause that allows this damage to occur is a hardware problem. For example, there is dust or dirt that has accumulated to hinder the response on the keyboard.

The most basic thing you can do is to tilt the laptop at an angle of 45 to 75 degrees and shake the laptop to get rid of the dirt inside. It is even better if you use a keyboard cleaner vacuum which can easily clean any gaps in your laptop keyboard keys.

Laptop batteries can also sometimes cause problems with the keyboard malfunctioning, especially if the battery is too hot. You can try turning off the laptop, removing the battery, then plug in the power cable. Try to restart the laptop without the battery installed.

If the keyboard works when the battery is removed, you may need to replace the battery with a new one. If some of the methods above have not been able to solve this damage, chances are there is a keyboard connecting cable inside the laptop that is loose or damaged.

You are advised to immediately contact or come directly to the official service center to be handled by a more professional, said

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