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How to do an online business with small capital

Life For Techno - How to do an online business with small capital, this time I will share with you about the online shop business. Don't hesitate to start a business and don't be afraid to fail because failure is the beginning of success. Here are 3 things you must do before doing an online shop business. I will discuss one by one:

How to do an online business with small capital

How to do an online business with small capital

1. Create a special Instagram account for online shop business

This is very important, because Instagram is a very popular social media besides Facebook. Instagram is widely used by people to sell or promote their products. As is well known, Instagram is a social media that facilitates its users to share the best photos we have with various kinds of photo filters or effects.

Currently, Instagram has very good features for us to use, namely the Instastory and IG TV features. With these facilities, it will certainly make it easier for online shop actors to be able to optimize their sales.

2. What will you sell?

There will definitely be a lot of questions in your mind before thinking about what to start selling for the online shop and what products can be sold. Actually there are many types of products that you can sell in online shops, so you shouldn't be confused.

Examples include clothes, shoes, bags, hijab, children's toys, toolkits, and many other products. And in my opinion, the product that sells best is clothes. There is one more important thing, which is selling something that you understand and like.

3. Become a reseller of other online shops

The following is an option for those of you who have minimal capital, which is to become a reseller of another online shop or dropshipper. By becoming a dropshipper, you don't need to own a product and you actually only need photos of the product. Post it on Instagram or in your online shop. Don't hesitate to learn to become a dropshiper.

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