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Easy Ways To Distinguish Genuine Or Fake Android Phones

Life For Techno - Easy Ways To Distinguish Genuine Or Fake Android Phones, the rise of Android phones on the market today is clearly one of the advantages for consumers in the country. Because, consumers will clearly get more choices according to their needs.

However, on the other hand, not infrequently this moment is used by some irresponsible parties to make replicas of Android phones labeled with global brands, especially from large popular vendors in the market.

To outsmart this, it is not uncommon for these cell phones to be priced very cheaply. However, the capabilities carried are clearly different from the original cellphone.

Easy Ways To Distinguish Genuine Or Fake Android Phones

Easy Ways To Distinguish Genuine Or Fake Android Phones

Therefore, to help you prospective buyers of new Android phones, the following Lifefortechno website will provide some tips on distinguishing real or fake Android phones.

1. Checking the physical form directly

The physical form of fake Android phones can indeed be very identical to the original. However, there will still be differences between a real phone or a fake. For this reason, before buying it is recommended to check brief information about the cellphone to be purchased.

From there, at least you can find out the physical form and materials used. So, when buying a cell phone, you should be suspicious when there are parts that look different.

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2. Confirm the IMEI number

Each cellphone is confirmed to have its own IMEI number. For that, when buying a cellphone, there's nothing wrong with checking the IMEI number first by pressing the * # 06 # button. From there, the IMEI number of the cellphone will come out.

If the IMEI number appears, it can be matched with the number listed in the sales box. And, if you are still not sure, the IMEI number can be checked directly on the site. On that site, more information about the cellphone in question can be displayed.

3. Use third party applications

To make sure that your Android phone is genuine or fake, you can also use a free application available on the Google Play Store.

There are several applications that can be used to find out exact information about the cell phone. Some of them are AnTuTu Benchmark or CPU-Z.

AnTuTu is usually used to benchmark a cellphone. In the test results, data and cellphone performance will usually be included.

Therefore, after the test results are obtained, it can also be compared with reviews regarding the cellphone from other sources, for example on the internet.

If it turns out that the test results differ greatly from existing reviews, it doesn't hurt to suspect that the cellphone is not authentic.

Now in the CPU-z application, which functions to find out the specifications about the cellphone. You can also compare it with information from the official website of the vendor or internet site that has reviewed it.

4. Test the camera

One thing that cannot be separated from the ability of a camera phone is its quality. For that, the camera can be used as an indicator of a real or fake Android phone. However, before trying, you must have information about the capabilities or specifications of the camera.

From there, you can compare the captured images with the camera specifications that are carried. If indeed the result does not reflect the quality of the camera and is different.

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In addition, for further testing, captured images can be transferred to a Windows-based computer first. Usually, an image has exif data (photo metadata) which also contains information about the phone being used.

To find out, click the photo, select properties, then details. From there, pay attention to the model and camera maker, is it compatible with the cellphone or not?

5. Do not be tempted by cheap prices

This is one of those nontechnical, but sure enough tricks. Instead, don't be tempted by high-end cellphones that are suddenly sold at low prices. You need to make sure the price is in the market with the offer that is given. If it turns out that the price offered is far from the market price, you are naturally suspicious.

In addition, the warranty card can also be used as a size. This is because the warranty card is usually included in the sales package on Android phones today, in addition to the data cable, charger head, and guidebook.

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