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Causes of Laptops Hang Often

Life For Techno - Causes of Laptops Hang Often, laptops are simple portable computers that can be taken anywhere and are very useful in supporting various kinds of work, from office work, school or college assignments, to even selling online.

When a problem occurs when the laptop is used, such as suddenly hangs, it will certainly hinder our work. Therefore, it is necessary to find out how to solve a laptop hangs so that work can return smoothly.
The problem of hanging does not always occur on old or old laptops, because sometimes even new laptops will hang. Of course, because there is something wrong with both the software and the laptop hardware itself.

Causes of Laptops Hang Often

Causes of Laptops Hang Often

Before discussing how to deal with a laptop hang, it would be better if we know the cause first. The following are some of the factors that cause laptops to hang frequently:

Lack of Memory

If your laptop has a small RAM, it would be good to think carefully before installing applications, whether your laptop will be strong or not.

Because if RAM is too minimal, it will be very heavy to run a large enough application. For that, don't forget to know the minimum specifications for installing the application.

Too Many Applications

By installing many applications, the hard disk capacity will be even more full. Of course, when the hard drive is full, the laptop's performance will slow down and cause it to hang.

So, it would be nice to install applications that are really needed. After all, why install a lot of applications if they are not used, they only fill up the hard disk.

Temporary files that are too long to be stored

Too many temporary files that have been stored for a long time are one of the causes for the laptop to hang. We recommend that you always check files that are stored in laptop memory for a long time and always clean them, so that they do not interfere with laptop performance.

If you have already interfered with laptop performance, then you must take action immediately. For reference, you can read how to speed up the performance of a Windows laptop.

Many Programs and Services Are Running

This is also one of the reasons why the laptop suddenly hangs. With so many programs running on laptops, of course, it will make our laptop "tired" of working so that it hangs.

For that, you should just run applications that are in use, applications that are not used are better closed. This will free up RAM a little so that the laptop can run smoothly.

There is a Malware Virus or Spyware

It is not unusual for our laptops to be exposed to viruses that can interfere with laptop performance. Computer viruses can come from all over, it can be from the internet or others.

To increase knowledge, you can also identify types of dangerous computer viruses. Use an antivirus to prevent these viruses. For Windows users, you can use Windows Defender.

Corrupt in Files

Corrupt files can occur for many reasons, the most common of which is a virus. Corrupt files will greatly affect laptop performance when corrupted system files.

Therefore, the thing that must be done is to repair the operating system that is commonly used. This is of course different from the usual files which can be resolved by repairing the corrupt rar.

Number of Antivirus Programs

To protect a laptop from the dangers of an incoming virus, an antivirus program is needed. However, if too many antivirus programs are used it will make the laptop work the extra mile.

This is what makes the laptop hang suddenly. Therefore, use an antivirus program that suits your needs and always update your antivirus program to keep actively protecting your laptop.

For Windows 10 users who have previously disabled Windows Defender, it would be nice to activate it again. You see, the antivirus can be said to be enough to protect files on a laptop.

There is a problem on the hard drive

Not only from applications or programs on the laptop that causes the laptop to hang. Problems can also occur due to errors on the laptop hard drive itself. Some of them are because the space on the hard disk is too little while there are many installed applications.

The way to deal with a laptop hangs because of this reason is to upgrade the hard drive, either by replacing it or by increasing its capacity. Then do the defragmaneter on the hard drive periodically.

One more thing that is important is to prevent the hard drive from hard shocks, hot temperatures, and also dust so that the hard drive does not get damaged quickly. However, if it's already damaged, you can read how to fix a damaged hard drive.

There is a problem in network connectivity

High network traffic can make the laptop hang or a virus tries to enter the laptop system. The way to fix this is to restart the switch / hub and use a port scanner to see what data is currently coming out of the laptop.

Overheated Hardware

This is a problem that often occurs and causes the laptop to hang. Overheated hardware problems can occur on the CPU, processor, hard drive, and VGA Card.

This in general can be burdensome for the laptop, so that it can reduce the performance of the laptop itself, which eventually causes the laptop to hang. And often too, because the laptop is too overheated, it suddenly restarts itself.

Therefore, always make sure the temperature of the laptop is stable by adding a fan or a special laptop fan so that the CPU part gets enough air circulation and can run properly.

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