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Business Ideas For Millennial Generation That Are Very Profitable

Life For Techno - Business Ideas For Millennial Generation That Are Very Profitable, when we talk about business, it means we are talking about opportunity. Those who succeed in the business world are those who can take advantage of opportunities. Often businesses that we once thought were successful, today are not necessarily successful. Why? Because the opportunity is over.

Now talking about opportunity, there are interesting statistics regarding the number of Indonesia's population by age. It should be noted beforehand that Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world with around 260 million people. This number is certainly a very large market.

Business Ideas For Millennial Generation That Are Very Profitable

Business Ideas For Millennial Generation That Are Very Profitable

Based on statistics, it turns out that Indonesia's population is dominated by young people. 50% of Indonesia's population is under 30 years old. And they are what is often referred to as the "Millennial Generation".

What business ideas are they suitable for selling? A good business for millennials is an "instragamable" business. Why ? Remember their characteristics above. What is "Instagramable"? Instagramable is any interesting thing to post on Instagram.

Often social media is not only a medium for socializing, but also a medium for showing off. Because it is easy for them to find new friends on social media, that's when it is easy for them to share something with their friends.

1. The product is indeed interesting to photograph.

Indonesia is very rich in natural tourism. Try a travel business selling "scenery". Create a group that takes them to tourist attractions that will make their photo gallery full of scenic photos.

The culinary business is also interesting. Young people will visit unique foods or cafes that have interesting spots just to satisfy their curiosity and add to their photo collection.

2. Products that are hard to find.

Humans tend to be "curious". Especially young people. Seeing other people lining up so long or someone posting a photo first, will make them curious and want to try it. The product can be anything. No need to be expensive, the important thing is to make feelings. Now just think about how to get them to stand in line. Of course the product must be worth buying too.

3. Because he is in the product

One of the characteristics of today's humans is that they want to "exist". For example, Starbucks will write our names on our drinking glasses. Or an ordinary drink where the cover is printed on our photo. Young people will be tempted to post it to their Instagram. And of course it will attract the attention of his "followers" to do the same.

4. The product is really expensive.

This time it didn't make any sense, but somehow someone still bought it. Buying products at unreasonable prices is considered to increase his prestige. Other people can't be like him.

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