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6 Ways of Betta Fish Business for Beginners to Make Big Profits

Life For Techno - 6 Ways of Betta Fish Business for Beginners to Make Big Profits, the world of business is never ending, almost everyone is competing to make a business, whether it's a completely new business or one that already exists with a little modification. People never run out of ideas to find ways and opportunities for profit, this kind of desire is a natural thing. This article will share how to do a betta fish business. Cool, right?

Why Betta fish? Now, this type of fish is widely liked by people. According to fish lovers, this type of ornamental fish has a small body shape and slightly wide fins filled with various beautiful colors. The shapes and colors seem to appeal to fans of the fish business. Behind the beauty of its body shape, this fish, if used as a business, has the potential to generate huge profits.

In addition to a tantalizing turnover, doing business of betta fish is quite easy to do. In addition, cultivating this type of ornamental fish is cheap, and does not require a large area. You are certainly interested, right?

6 Ways of Betta Fish Business for Beginners to Make Big Profits

6 Ways of Betta Fish Business for Beginners to Make Big Profits

Now, it's time for you to follow the steps to do business for a betta fish. The following are the steps that must be prepared in the process of cultivating betta fish with a simple and conventional method, hopefully they can be a reference source for small business opportunities in your home.

1. Understanding Betta Fish

The first betta fish business method is to understand the science of Betta fish. If you want to start a Betta Fish Business, you should first know what a Betta fish looks like. Generally, there are ornamental bettas and fighting bettas.

For ornamental betta fish, people maintain it only to enjoy the beauty of the shape and color pattern and its movements. For the hickey type, it is only used as a fighting competition. There have been scientific studies that report that in nature there are 73 species of betta fish, but only a small portion is widely known and has a high selling value.

Once you understand the types, next. We recommend that you start your betta fish business by looking for quality seeds from superior breeds. Things you need to pay attention to so that healthy and fit seeds will make this Betta fish immune to all kinds of diseases. Don't forget to separate the male and female sires in different places.

2. How to Distinguish Types of Betta

The first way of business for a betta fish is to understand the differences in betta fish. The two have very clear differences, so that you are very young to recognize.

Usually for the male betta, the movements are a little agile, the fins and tail are wide and fluffy, the color is a little bright and the body is bigger, while the female betta shows a slower movement, the body is small, the fins and tail are shorter and the color is a little dull.

If you can distinguish between types of bettas, the next step is to marry them, but you must first know the characteristics of a Betta that are ready to be mated. Betta must be at least 4 to 8 months old, have a long body, long fins and light color and make sure they can move swiftly.

While the female is at least 3 to 4 months old, her body looks rounded and the abdomen tends to be protruding, the fins are short with a slightly dull color that looks unattractive and her body movements are slow. It's time for you to do spawning.

3. Hickey spawning

The first way of business for betta fish is the method of spawning. First of all you have to provide a place, it can be from a plastic jar or a small aquarium measuring 20 x 20 x 20 cm to serve as a place for the male betta, after the male betta is ready, put the female betta into a plastic glass separate from the male.

And don't forget to provide water plants like kayambang. As additional information, mating betta fish can produce thousands of eggs that will be ready to hatch within 24 hours after fertilization, because the mortality rate of Betta fish seeds is quite high so that in one breeding period, a hickey can usually only produce 30 to 50. Only betta fish are alive or well.

The two types of betta fish also have differences regarding the level of mating. For healthy males, usually they can only be bred up to 8 times with an interval of about 2 to 3 weeks. While female sires are only enough once. Because if it is forced, it will result in a decrease in the diversity of the sex and sex of females which will be more.

4. How is the Betta Spawning Process?

The first way of business for betta fish is to understand the spawning process. Provide an aquarium as a spawning place and then fill it with clean water as high as 10 to 15 cm. We recommend using natural river water and then let it settle before the fish is added. Do not use tap water that contains chlorine. Put in water plants and don't need to be too dense which will later become a place to shelter the fry.

Next, enter the male betta fish that is ready to mate and leave the male in the container for one day. The male will produce air bubbles as a place to store eggs after fertilization.

So that the male can react to produce bubbles, then enter the female betta fish separately in the glass or plastic glass but remain in the male Betta aquarium. If the bubbles have been made by the male, then enter the female brood. The most ideal time for betta fish spawning generally occurs around 10 am to 10 am or 4 am to 6 pm. Keep it away from crowds because it can interfere with the spawning process.

Within one day the eggs will be fry until for the next 3 days, you don't need to feed them because they still have natural nutrients that are carried in the eggs. The male betta fish himself will not eat as long as he looks after the fry.

After passing a period of three days from the time the eggs hatch, the next step is to give water fleas, try just a little so that it doesn't contaminate the hatchery area. It is recommended that the male broodstock should be taken when the fry are 2 weeks old from the start of hatching, then move the fry to one place with a larger size and then give water fleas that are bigger in size such as mosquito larvae.

After entering the age of 1.5 months, you can sort this betta fish by gender and you can move them to a bigger place.

5. Betta food

The first way of business for a betta fish is to know how your betta fish is eating. Water fleas are the best food that can be fed to a Betta fish apart from silk worms and mosquito larvae. Feeding should be done more often between 3 to 4 times per day. The way to get water fleas is easy, which is usually a ditch or a puddle. But nowadays it is also widely available in ornamental fish feed stores or in pet markets.

6. Techniques for Caring for a Betta

Because they have strong immunity, you can keep them in an aquarium without using an aerator. However, you are still advised to always maintain the quality of the water by giving it aeration and installing a cleaning filter. The goal is that the development of Betta fish is more perfect and always in a healthy and fit condition.

The other thing you need to pay most attention to is not to place more than one adult male Betta in a container or aquarium. Their aggressive nature will be able to attack each other. As a result, it can have a negative impact on the fins and their color tone will be suboptimal.

For this type of fighting betta fish, it is better to place it in a small glass jar and do not place the male fish jar close together because the fighting betta fish will continue to be in an attacking condition until they hit themselves against the glass. It is recommended to install non-transparent screens between the containers of these containers.

Changing the water in the container must be done periodically when there is a buildup of dirt and food residue that has settled on the bottom of the container. If the sediment is excessive, it can lead to water pollution so that it is prone to become a source of disease in Betta fish.

Those are some descriptions of how to do a betta fish business. Starting from understanding the types to the methods of treatment. This is a business that is classified as easy to do and doesn't cost a lot of money, besides that, this fish has its own beauty and is of high selling value, so you can't possibly miss this opportunity to earn a lot of income.

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