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5 small capital business tips, big profits, in the style of well-known artists

Life For Techno - 5 small capital business tips, big profits, in the style of well-known artists, one proof that a small capital business can make a big profit is the story of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, a well-known artist. Susi decided to quit school and started running a business with a capital of Rp. 750 thousand.

With this capital, he set up a fishing business and went directly to fish auctions to sell them to a number of restaurants. Of course, Susi's journey was not always smooth. But, thanks to his persistence, he managed to market his products overseas.

5 small capital business tips, big profits, in the style of well-known artists

5 small capital business tips, big profits, in the style of well-known artists

To imitate his success, let's take a look at the tips on doing small business capital in the style of well-known artists, below.

1. Smart money management

In doing business, money worries are sometimes experienced, especially in small capital businesses. Therefore, the ability to manage money must be mastered or at least continue to be studied.

Even if your business starts out small, be sure to take the time to organize and evaluate the cash flow of your business.

Better, avoid mixing personal money and business money. Also, make sure the strategy chosen doesn't make the pegs bigger than the stake.

2. Focus

For Susi, a focused attitude is one of the keys to doing business for beginners. According to him, in pursuing the chosen business, we need to devote our energy and thoughts to the business.

For employees, that doesn't mean you can't open a business as a side business. As long as they are able to separate office and business matters, and are not half-hearted in running a business, doing business as a side job can still be done.

3. Do not stop innovating and knowing trends

To keep abreast of market needs and interests, well-known artists advise entrepreneurs not to stop innovating. According to him, it is very important to make product or service updates so that customers do not switch to something else.

Seeing the current tern, we as entrepreneurs must prove it. This does not mean that you must always be carried away by trends, but rather make innovations that are not out of date and according to customer needs.

4. Persistence and love what is done

The success of a well-known artist would not have been achieved without persistence. Not once or twice has he experienced rejection while carrying out his business. However, that did not make him give up and stop.

According to Susi, she can do this because she likes what she does. Therefore he can do everything without being forced. For Susi, being an entrepreneur is not only a matter of materiality, but also a form of achievement that is worth achieving.

5. Don't get caught up in failure

In doing business, not only material capital is needed, but also the mindset and mentality of being an entrepreneur. One of them is not giving up easily and never dissolving in failure.

Susie thinks, if we are dissolved in failure, the energy we have will be drained for negative things, making it difficult to get back up. For the famous businessman, he must have gone through some difficulties. Therefore, even though you are doing it as a side business, you should not do the four causes of business failure.

The ability to build a network is very important for business progress. In addition, by interacting with many people, especially fellow entrepreneurs, the knowledge gained will be more.

So, are you ready to run your own business? Who knows, starting from a small capital business, you will end up becoming a big entrepreneur. If you still lack capital, it doesn't matter what if you borrow capital. But you have to find a trusted loan place. Good luck!

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