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5 Easy Steps to Build an Online Business From Zero

Life For Techno - 5 Easy Steps to Build an Online Business From Zero, hello Campuspedia Friends! Having an online shop business is currently a lucrative opportunity and should be considered.

Especially with the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic which made successful online businesses top of mind when customers need something, now they will tend to choose to shop online.

5 Easy Steps to Build an Online Business From Zero

5 Easy Steps to Build an Online Business From Zero

For those of you who want to start an online shop business, here are 5 steps to building an online business!

Don't have a business idea yet? Do some research

Of course you cannot set up an online shop business if you don't have a business idea to run. Before setting up a successful online business, you need to research what products or services people are looking for today.

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There are two options that you can take into consideration, namely products that are currently hype or trending and products that will always be needed by many people.

You can do research before building an online shop business by frequently interacting with friends and family. You can listen to what products are currently being discussed. You can also explore the problems that many people are experiencing.

From here then you can find out what products or services you can sell to be a solution to the problems you are experiencing.

Determine who is the target market for our online shop business

After coming up with an idea of ​​what kind of product or service will be sold, now is the time to determine the target market of our online shop business. Determining the target market will answer the question "To whom will our product or service be sold?"

Design a business model in such a way

Designing a business model is like designing a travel route. That is, designing how you run your online business and where your successful online business revenue stream will come from.

Prepare your product or service well

After determining the target market and business model, the next step in building our online shop business is to prepare the product or service to be sold. There are three types of products that you can sell, namely:

Physical product
Digital product
To get this product, you can do it through:

Make your own product

Buy products from other people and sell them again (resellers)
Become a dropshipper (take products from other people without having their own stock)
It's not enough to only compete through the marketplace, you also need to promote through social media. Create an account with your online business name on various social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

Well, you should also have an account on that social media. That way, you will find it easier to disseminate information about the products you sell.

If you have enough budget, you can also build a website. You can use a website as a catalog or landing page to introduce what products you sell. Through eye-catching visuals, you can get your customers to do the actions you expect — yep! Buy the products you sell.

After knowing the five steps to building an online shop business, now is the time for you to move. Start designing an online shop business that you want to develop. Because without action, a successful online business will be just wishful thinking. Share this article if it's useful, let's go!

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