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4 Businesses With Small Capital Can Sell Online

Life For Techno - 4 Businesses With Small Capital Can Sell Online, currently, there are many business opportunities with small capital that can be sold online. It doesn't have to be in the form of goods, selling services can also be done online. Selling online is preferred because it is almost guaranteed to have minimal capital.

By relying on an internet connection, you can already run a business, without having to have a physical store first. The important thing is to be smart in looking for opportunities and also looking for connections.

In addition, online sales skills are also needed. If you understand how to market through online media, it means that you already have the basic knowledge to run the business. Don't worry, you don't need to understand the whole thing, really. If you know how to play social media and have the skills to tell stories, that's enough.

4 Businesses With Small Capital Can Sell Online

4 Businesses With Small Capital Can Sell Online

Furthermore, you can learn knowledge about online business marketing as you go along. Then what are the business opportunities with small capital so you can sell online? The following are a few choices of opportunities that can be used as ideas to start selling online.


Before choosing a type of business, one thing that must be considered is the capital owned. For those of you who have minimal capital, you don't need to worry, because now there are many types of online businesses that don't require a lot of capital, such as being a dropshipper, one of them.

By becoming a dropshipper, you only need to become an intermediary for other online sellers to resell their goods at a higher price. You don't need to buy stock in advance, and when a customer orders an item through you, the seller of the item will send it directly.

The capital needed in this dropship business is how to sell as many items as possible to get a commission from the sale of these items.

The concept of dropshipping like this is usually widely used by business owners who produce goods directly for sale.

To market their products, they are assisted by other online sellers. But even though it sounds easy, it doesn't mean that this one business is without risk. The dropshipper is also responsible if the goods sent by the supplier are damaged or do not match the lure of advertising.

Affiliate Products

The second business opportunity to choose from is an affiliate product. This business is simply not much different from a dropshipper because we are required to promote other people's products online. 

The difference with dropshippers, in the affiliate system, you are only asked to promote, the transaction process is entirely carried out by the seller.

This business opportunity can use media such as blogs or websites and without exception can also use social media such as Instagram. However, the most widely used is to use blog media.

Julo x Pay attention

The profit is usually calculated based on transactions that occur because of the promotion. If there are no transactions no commission will be earned. Interestingly, there is no responsibility if there are complaints about the products being sold, because everything is the responsibility of the seller to the consumer.

Selling Stock Photos

For those of you who like to travel around the archipelago and even around the world, it looks like you can take advantage of this business opportunity. There is a lack of awareness about copyright in Indonesia. You can take advantage of this opportunity by promoting your photos through photo provider sites.

Only by registering yourself on a site like Shutterstock, you can already sell photos. Moreover, on several foreign sites, there are very few photos from Indonesia. Even though there are quite a lot of start-up companies in Indonesia that require culinary photos or typical tourist attractions from Indonesia.

Logo Design

This business opportunity is indeed very suitable for those of you who have a passion for drawing or designing logos. There are even certain sites that accommodate designers from all over the world to make buying and selling logos.

In addition, many logo design competitions are conducted to find the best designer who successfully reflects or translates the philosophy of a company into a logo.

Those are some online businesses that can be run with a gadget and an internet connection. To be more practical, use a smartphone to be able to carry out your online business activities via mobile.

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