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Understanding Technology, Types And Benefits For Humans

Life For Techno - Understanding Technology, Types And Benefits For Humans, the definition of technology is all facilities and infrastructure to provide goods necessary for the survival and convenience of human life (providing convenience). Human use of technology begins with a change in natural resources into a simple tool.

The prehistoric discoveries about the ability to control fire have increased the availability of various sources of food, while the discovery of the wheel has helped humans in mobilizing an impact on travel and controlling the human environment itself.

Recent technological developments have reduced various physical barriers to communication and made possible interactions between humans and other creatures on a global scale.

Definition of Technology According to Experts

Understanding Technology, Types And Benefits For Humans

1. Poerbahwadja

According to Poerbahwadja Harahap, technology refers to a science that investigates the ways of apes in engineering, referring to a science that is used in a particular factory or industry. Where this definition refers to a practical definition of technology that is found in many factories and certain industries.

2. Nasibit

According to another technology expert named Nasibit, he said that technology is both an object and an object as well as materials and forms that are different from ordinary humans.

3. Miarso

Another opinion was expressed by Miarso, who stated that technology is a form of process that increases added value.

This process can produce a certain product where the product concerned is not separated from other existing products. technology according to him is an integral part contained in a particular system.

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History of Technology

There are so many innovations that continue to develop during the middle ages. Many medieval technology used simple tools, namely levers, bolts and pulleys which were joined together to form better equipment.

In the renaissance era, the printing press was invented which allowed for a wider documentation of knowledge and technology also increasingly showed its relationship with science. Technological advances in this century are said to be more stable so as to make food and goods reserves more stable as well.

The industrial revolution in England in the 18th century saw the beginning of new technological discoveries in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and more. The advancement of science and the discovery of various new concepts allow the development of technology in a more advanced and higher direction than the previous era. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, transportation technology began to develop rapidly, such as trains and airplanes.

Then in the 20th century there were more and more new discoveries. In the field of physics, it was discovered that there was nuclear fission which triggered discoveries in the fields of nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

Today's computers are getting smaller in shape with transistors and integrated circuits. In addition, the development of information technology is also very rapid in this 21st century, namely the discovery of the internet which completely reforms the information media.

Complex manufacturing and construction techniques are required to manufacture and maintain all of these latest technologies. they also do not forget that there is an obligation to support and develop the latest generation so that a variety of equipment appears in the field of technology that is more complex. Modern technology is highly dependent on training and education and often requires certain knowledge and training from the user or the user.

Types of Technology

There are various types of technology that are known in society, not only in Indonesia, but also at the global level. Some types of technology that are often used by humans are:

1. Communication Technology

Used to provide information from one place to another or from person to person in order to convey what will be conveyed, providing new information.

Communication technology is very much needed in today's modern era where distance and time are no longer a barrier to being able to continue to share information between one person and another. Examples of communication technology are the use of cellphones, telephones or computers.

2. Construction Technology

Sophisticated methods and all kinds of equipment are used to build a construction structure, be it a building or heavy construction. Users of construction technology tools such as tractors, for example, aim to prepare the land. This technology is certainly very useful for use in this modern and sophisticated era.

3. Medical Technology

The type of technology used to expand and improve. Developed countries in general have used this technology a lot in the health care system so that many people who come from developed countries have a higher level of health and life expectancy. This is of course supported by advances in technology in the medical field.

4. Information Technology

A hardware and keel device that can be used to store information or information technology tools that can help provide people with timely and targeted information to complete their tasks and functions.

This information technology is related to internet networks and information systems that use a lot of coding or certain symbols and can only be understood by some people if they are still in raw form. The existence of this information technology will also greatly assist humans in completing their tasks because all the data presented has been arranged in such a way that it is easier to access and process.

5. Business Technology

Is a hardware or keel device that can be used to run a business and improve a business that is currently widely used through internet intermediaries. In the current era, it is not uncommon for people to carry out business activities only armed with adequate internet facilities.

Not surprisingly, if this business technology is combined with reliable marketing techniques, it will generate greater profits because the marketing media is not limited to a single area.

A technology, of course, contains various benefits and functions. The various benefits and functions of technology can be divided into general benefits as well as specific benefits. the benefits of technology in general include making it easier for users or users, making work shorter and faster, and making work more efficient.

While the benefits of technology in particular include in the family, it will help educate children so they are not technologically illiterate (clueless) and are able to mingle with the surrounding environment. In addition, technology can be used as a means of exploration in order to increase insight and knowledge and connect the effectiveness of completing a job.

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Examples of Technology

Maybe you all do not realize that your daily life certainly cannot be separated from technology. Some examples of technology that are familiar with your everyday life include:

  • The internet is useful for adding insight and knowledge because it makes it easier for us to access various information.
  • Computers are useful for making it easier for someone to complete work.
  • The fan is useful for expelling hot temperatures that shade the body.
  • Watches, are useful to be used as a benchmark for time so that you are no longer late.
  • The washing machine is useful for making your work easier when washing clothes so you don't have to be tired and bother rubbing clothes and rinsing them.

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