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How to Overcome Slow Vivo Y15

Life For Techno - How to Overcome Slow Vivo Y15, for friends, Vivo Y15 android users, it is very fortunate that my friend is here. Because here we will provide How to Overcome Slow Vivo Y15. As a device that still uses the operating system. No wonder an Android can experience sluggishness or lag. Usually Android is slow or slow on Android due to several things. If your friend's Vivo Y15 android is slow or slow. Maybe some of the causes below have happened to your Vivo Y15 android.

- Android's Internal Memory Has Been Full

- Android RAM memory is full

- Installing Too Many Applications On Android

- Installing Too Many Widgets on Android

- Android has caught a virus

- Android Cache Data Has Stacked / Full

- Too Many Applications Running in the Background

- Android Phone Too Hot

- Android System Has Error

- Etc.

How to Overcome Slow Vivo Y15

As we said earlier, slow or slow an Android must have a cause. We have given some of the causes above. Now you can find out what causes your android to slow down. By knowing the cause, you can also find out how to solve it. Because to overcome this, you only need to eliminate or delete some of the causes that occur on your android. For more details, here we will also provide How to Overcome the Slow / Slow Vivo Y15 below.

1. Deleting Junk or Unimportant Data in Internal Memory

One of the main causes of Android phones being slow or slow is the full storage space on Android phones. Usually every android phone that is full of storage space will display a notification message in the status bar "Android Storage Space Is Full".

As we mentioned earlier, if the Android phone is already experiencing full storage space, the Android phone will be slow or slow. So to deal with a slow or slow Android phone, you can delete some of the data files in the internal memory to overcome the full storage space on Android.

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2. Stop the application that is running

Ram is one of the most important parts of the android system. Every action or process in android should definitely require ram. We also use Ram when we are running applications on Android. More and more applications that we run and run in the background system android. Then the greater the use of ram on the android phone that we use.

One of the causes of Android phones being slow or slow is that the RAM memory is full. So one way to deal with full RAM memory is to stop applications running in the background on the Android system. To stop background applications running on android. You can stop it directly via the default method, which is to go to Settings> Running Applications or use a helper application, namely CleanMaster.

3. Delete / Un-Install Useless Applications on Android

More and more friends are installing applications on android phones. Then it will take up more and more storage space on an Android phone. Each application must have its own storage access. Both on internal and external storage, but basically the storage place for every android application is in internal storage.

When the android's internal storage space is full, the android phone will display a notification message "Android Storage Space Is Full". And usually after the notification appears, the android phone will feel slow or slow. Unlike usual, Android phones are usually smooth and not slow.

But when the notification message appears, the android phone will feel slower. Then the action to overcome the full Android storage space as well as to overcome the slow Android phone. You can delete or Un-Install some applications that are not so important on your android phone.

4. Reduce Use of Widgets on Android

This is also one of the causes for Android phones to be slow or slow. The number of widgets installed on the android phone be it a clock widget, weather, battery level, or other widgets. What's more for an android phone that has a small ram spec.

Very often experience lags when installing a lot of widgets. So one way to overcome slow or slow on an Android phone. Buddy can also delete some widgets that are not so important on the android phone. Because we said earlier, the more widgets that are installed on Android phones, the Android phone will be slower.

5. Clear Cached Data Accumulated on Android

Caches are files that are generated automatically. The cache function itself is to store temporary data from all activities, be it browsing, playing games, or opening applications. Having a cache will increase the loading speed of applications that are often opened. But you also need to know that more and more cache data accumulates on Android.

Then it will make the Android phone even slower or slower. So to solve the problem of being slow or slow on an Android phone. You can delete all cached data on your android phone. You can delete it manually from Settings> Applications> Select Application> Clear Cache. Or to make it easier, you can also delete it using the CleanMaster application help.

6. Perform Factory Data Reset via Android Recovery

Factory data reset is a feature found on all Android phones. Factory data reset is also often called restoring Android system settings to factory defaults. After a successful factory reset, all data that is not factory default will be erased.

Because as we mentioned earlier the function of this factory data reset feature is to restore the Android system and settings to factory defaults. By doing this factory data reset, you can also overcome slow or slow. So if your android phone is very slow or slow. So you can do a factory data reset, you can do it through android recovery or Settings> Factory Reset.

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7. Re-Flashing the Firmware on Android

If doing a factory reset doesn't work, the Android phone is not slow or slow. So for the last method, you can flash the Android phone firmware again. We recommend flashing it through the computer only. And you need to know that every Android cellphone has a different way to flash it again. To be able to flash again, it is necessary to need the firmware file according to the Android phone.

Not all android phone firmware files are the same. Even though the brand and type are the same, the firmware file may be different. So before flashing, make sure you read the correct guide. Or if you are afraid of failure and make your Android phone even worse. You can also bring your friend's android phone to the Android cellphone Service. And ask to flash again or also often called reinstall the system.

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