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How To Fix a Laptop Restarting Yourself In Windows 10

Life For Techno - How To Fix a Laptop Restarting Yourself In Windows 10, as an electronic device, of course, a laptop will not be free from damage. His name is also man-made, there must be drawbacks. However, we can minimize the damage by always following the proper and correct usage guidelines. Read the manual to better understand what is allowed and what is not.

If we have a problem with the laptop, then we will be preoccupied with how to fix it. There are 2 types of people when they find their laptop is damaged, the first will try to solve it with all their strength and the second is people who don't want to bother and go straight to the nearest laptop service place.

Cause The Laptop Restarts On Its Own

How To Fix a Laptop Restarting Yourself In Windows 10

Which type are you? For me, the first one, I will try my hardest to use the internet and YouTube to find solutions to problems experienced by laptops. The problem of restarting the laptop itself often occurs. Before I give a solution, it's good to know first the cause of the laptop restarting itself.

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Operating System Problems

The first cause is because the laptop operating system has a problem. There may be some files that have been lost due to a virus or have been accidentally deleted.

Laptop Experiencing Overheat

Excessive heat on a laptop can be caused by a dead laptop cooling fan or the paste in the processor is dry and depleted. Avoid putting the laptop in soft places such as mattresses, pillows and sofas. This will disrupt air circulation on the laptop and cause overheating.

Damaged Hard Disk or SSD

It is possible that the hard disk or SSD on your laptop is damaged. Bad sectors on the hard disk can also cause the laptop to restart itself frequently.

Problem motherboard

The last cause of damage to the motherboard. On the motherboard there are lots of chips and maybe one of the chips is weak or even damaged so that the laptop often restarts itself.

After knowing what causes the laptop to restart itself, of course we must immediately take action. Because laptops that often restart this are a big problem and can interfere with activities.

How to Overcome a Laptop Restarting By Yourself

Do Reinstall Windows 10

The first step that must be done is to reinstall Windows 10. After you have finished reinstalling, do the testing for 12 hours or even 1 day.

Change The Pasta Processor

This method is quite difficult because you have to disassemble the laptop as a whole. If you want to learn to deepen computer engineering, then this is the time. Use a special quality thermal paste. Don't use toothpaste like people say. Clean the previous thermal paste, then install the new thermal paste.

Replace Hard Disk or SSD

The point of changing here is not buying new. Can borrow first, have friends or have your own would be better.

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Make The SSD Partition Just 1

This is an additional method and it happens to be true, my laptop did not restart a few days after only 1 partition was made. Previously I made 2 partitions on the SSD, the laptop can restart 4x a day. If my opinion is wrong, please correct it again. But what's wrong with trying, right?

Repair Motherboard

If the methods above still don't work, it means that your laptop motherboard is probably the problem. If the motherboard has a problem, of course you have to take it to a trusted motherboard service. Maybe there is a broken or damaged IC, of ​​course we can't fix it ourselves. Requires special tools and only experts in this field can fix it.

Those are some ways you can do to deal with the laptop restarting itself. Hopefully useful and can help. Don't forget to comment and share so that it is also useful for others.

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