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How To Clean Cache On Android Quickly

Life For Techno - How To Clean Cache On Android Quickly, when accessing an application on a smart device, usually a data storage trace will be stored which aims to make it easier for users to access the same application for the second time. The goal is to make it easier for the processor to work and not start over again to access the application. This automatic store of data from application access traces is known as cache.

Cache is temporary data stored on the phone's internal storage system. The cache records the activity of applications that have been used, reported by OPPO. For example, when accessing an internet browser, and you enter an e-mail page, enter your account and password. So, all the data that has been entered earlier will be stored in the cache data.

How To Clean Cache On Android Quickly

How To Clean Cache On Android Quickly

Then, on another occasion, when you open your browser again and want to access your email, usually the address, account, and password are stored in the cache data, so you don't have to retype it a second time. For its own function, the Samsung page writes that the cache aims to cut application access time, if the data is already stored.

It also lightens the burden of internet traffic in certain circumstances. Some of the applications that you frequently access require cached data for efficiency, but when the cached data is too fat, it actually makes your smartphone's performance slow down. The reason is, as mentioned above, cached data is stored in the internal memory and if there is a lot of data it will take up a lot of space.

If you feel that your phone is starting to slow down, it's a good idea to clear app cache data that you no longer need. How to clear cache data on an Android phone? The Android Central page provides the following steps:

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Open Settings or Settings on your phone Click Storage or Storage to open application settings Or you can also open Application Management or App Manager in your phone's Settings Open Other Applications or Other Apps to see a list of applications installed on your phone Open the application you want to clear cache- Last.

Click Clear Cache or Clear Cache in the application's settings. Once the cached data is cleared, the internal memory space will expand. The hope is that the performance of the device will be more hasty. However, apps that have cleared their cache will return to their original mode. If you want to re-access, you have to start the system from scratch and the loading time for the apps is longer than when the app cache hasn't been cleared.

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